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The tuna is preserved in callipo olive oil. Callipo is the best solid Italian tuna (callipo tonno). This yellow tuna is guaranteed dolphin free and caught in accordance with the total with the protection of sea habitat. The meat is ripe in olive oil for at least one year before sale, depending on the size of the product. The tuna of “tonnara”, also known as bluefin tuna, now more rare and more exquisite, to prestigious species belongs and lives in the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by its intense red colour, good consistency and taste.after delicious being peached, it is treated again in the maierato (vv) plant, where it undergoes the treatment cycle of one day, from the selection of cleaning parts, from cooking steam to packaging, while fully respecting tradition. Callipo uses hand crafted antique that is a superior company of yellow. Since 1913, callipo has been one of the leading producers of Mediterranean tuna and other sea products. based on the Italian region of the southern calabria, callipo the finest sources of yellow finned tuna in olive oil.

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