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The Loison classic handwrapped pandoro is an Italian Christmas treat you can enjoy at any time of day. The golden, cake-like bread is rich and buttery.

Pandoro is traditionally coated with powdered sugar just before serving. The best way to do this is to empty the sugar into the bag containing the pandoro, hold the bag tightly closed and then shake! Slice and enjoy for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert.

Loison have been baking panettones and pandoro for over 75 years, started by Tranquillo Loison in 1938. Today his grandson Dario cares for the business. For Loison’s ‘top line’ panettones and pandoro, all the ingredients are carefully selected by Dario: the freshest eggs, butter and cream from Italy’s mountain farms, and fine Italian flours and sugar. The naturally leavened cakes and breads are made with the traditional sourdough process. Each yeasted cake takes 72 hours from beginning to end, which gives rise to their exquisite texture and rich flavour.

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